Our vision

We want to help bring people together safely by offering health care equipment in high quality and competitive prices.

See what we mean, when we say:

Bringing people together

Social distancing has influenced industries, economies and the world society. Interaction now comes with responsibility for each other. We want to equip third parties with their responsibility.

Health Care

2020 has brought focus on taking care of our own health as well as others. The spread of Covid-19 has brought shadows of tradegy to most corners of society. Our products all have the same purpose: To help care for health.


Our efforts are meaningsless if we don’t submit to products in excellent quality. Our team has decades of experience in producing quality products, and we have invested in heavy compliance maintenance to make sure all products exceeds EU-standards.


We collaborate with trusted industry-leading partners, which allow our end-price to be utmost competitive. Some of our products are  from our own production, giving us the advantage of price control.

Our Core Values shape us

  • Responsible business

  • Quality is king

  • Controlled production

  • Stopping Covid-19

  • Innovative solutions

  • Trusted partners

  • Only CE-certified products

  • Keeping prices down

  • Ensuring safe interaction

  • Honest communication