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Many businesses and institutions have been shut down during lock-downs. After reopening many industries face stricter requirements and moral obligations to keep clean, and to make sure that people can interact safely.

Using an OzoneBREEZE it is possible to clean effectively and environmentally friendly since it can sanitize a room with a natural process, without using additives, and without leaving toxicants after treatment.

OzoneBREEZE will in a closed environment like a room with closed windows and doors, the device can fill the air with ozone. A high concentration of ozone in the air will disinfect all surfaces, killing almost all living organisms.

Due to the timer function the machine can run every night, automatically disinfecting the room, ready for use in the morning. Though the product can’t substitute regular cleaning, it will help keep all surfaces disinfected, without anyone having to wipe with sanitizer. Simply set the timer and leave the room.

The OzoneBREEZE will make sure the room will be clean and free for bacteria, fungi and viruses.

Ozone Facts

  • Ozone is considered a highly effective disinfectant for virus control

  • The technology has been used in many industries for decades

  • The effectiveness of Ozone on viruses and bacteria is well-documented

  • As a gas it will penetrate all areas within a room, including crevices, fixtures, fabrics, and the under surfaces of furniture. It is much more efficiently than manually applied liquid sprays and aerosols

Time to choose a Health Care

  OzoneBreeze OZ500 OZ2000 OZ4000 OZ8000
Est. Room size in M2 15 – 50 M2 40 – 100 M2 80 – 150 M2 100 – 250 M2
Max room size in M3 120 M3 400 M3 600 M3 1000 M3
Treatment time Max 3 hours Max 3 hours Max 3 hours Max 3 hours
Precaution time
(can be substituted with ventilating)
Max 1 hours Max 2 hours Max 2 hours Max 2 hours

Precaution time: As a precaution measure the room should not be used before the ozon in the air has turned in to oxygen again. This happens naturally by waiting half the ozonation time. The precaution time can be substituted fully by ventilating the room for 5 minutes eg. by opening the window.

The process is simple!

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